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Token Links
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Proton Loan (LOAN) – https://protonloan.com/
Foobar (FOOBAR) – https://foobar.protonchain.com
xTokens (https://www.protontokens.com/xtokens)

The xTokens Bridge (on Proton Swap) is only available for KYC verified accounts.

Gaming / Gambling

Bits (BITS) – https://protontokens.com/bits
“BITS” are a token created here that is pegged 1:1 with the bitcoin unit “bits” (1/1,000,000 btc)

Chips (CHIPS) – https://protontokens.com/chips

Proton Games (GAME) – https://www.proton-games.com/

Proton Spin (SPIN) – https://protonspin.live/